Welcome to Peter Liggins Photography

Based in Mossley, Greater Manchester, I am fortunate to have Dovestone National Park, which sits on the edge of the Peak District, almost on my doorstep. The stunning landscapes around Saddleworth and the nearby West Pennine Moors, along with the many quirky towns & villages such as Howarth and Holmfirth, make for some fantastic photographic opportunities! Also, with the vibrant city of Manchester only forty-five minutes away, there is a welcome plethora of cultural, ethnic & religious diversity to satisfy my ever curious eye!
About My Work

The bulk of my work is photojournalism & editorial, shooting for newspapers & magazines etc. I am fascinated by everyday social life, society, my local town, the City of Manchester and world events. I strive to capture all what is happening around me! In my spare time, I enjoy engaging with people at random - most are happy to let me photograph them - photographing pets, as well as getting out into the countryside for some landscape shots. I find this extremely therapeutic as it helps clear my head from the many stressful moments that come with my working life!