Welcome to Peter Liggins Photography

Hi! I am a semi-professional photographer based in Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire. My interest in photography began many years ago as a hobby, where primarily I would photograph birds. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before I realised that looking through the viewfinder of a camera presented me with a whole new and interesting world to look at.

After having my working life in construction cut short due to an industrial related accident, I have spent the last four years channeling my passion for photography into a rewarding and enjoyable career which can be both challenging and frustrating, but there is always that one shot at the end of the day that makes it all worthwhile!
About My Work

My area of work covers landscapes, portraiture, celebrations, pets, corporate and commercial shoots. I also supply images for newspapers & magazines etc. I work with both natural & artificial lighting to create the look and feel of every shoot, striving to capture the fun, laughter, joy and emotion of a special day or event. Meeting new clients and engaging with them prior to the photo shoot is paramount to me, as this gives me the opportunity to discover personalities, interests, hobbies etc, all of which are important factors in creating the perfect atmosphere for your photo shoot and developing valuable friendships along the way!

Best Regards

Peter Liggins

  • Area Of Work Includes: Portraits -Pets -Products - Still-Life - Commercial - Corporate - Events - Celebrations - etc