Setting up on top of the ruins of Fast Castle along the Berwickshire Coastal Path


A Little Scary!
After a perilous scramble to reach my chosen position, I set up my tripod as the wind buffeted my ears with a cold chill. Fifty feet below me, I could see the waves crashing against the rocks below. Undeterred, I fixed my camera into position before taking a meter reading, then attached my 10 stop ND Filter - I wanted to blur the water. With a 30 second exposure time, I shot three frames before carefully making the journey back to safety. My friend Harley took the image attached with his mobile phone. It was only when I viewed it later that I realised how precarious a position I had placed myself in. Disappointingly, due to the high winds, I wasn't able to get a decent image. Next time??

The Benefits Of Walking


Walking is a simple, inexpensive & enjoyable means of keeping active and fit. Wherever we live, there is an abundance of beautiful countryside at hand to explore & enjoy! Canals can be quiet and tranquil, and often display some unexpected sightings of wildlife. Autumn is a great time to venture outdoors, with the season displaying some wonderful colours to our countryside. Walking not only keeps us fit in body, but also keeps our minds active too. My own experience shows that even a thirty minute walk is great for relieving stress and tension! What are you waiting for? Go Explore!